Brand Strategy + Identity Design

Brand Strategy
Brand strategy is defining what you offer, how it's different, why people will want it and why they should listen to you. When you can really understand the answers to those questions, you will have a valuable message worth sharing. That's the first step of the brand creation process: brand strategy.
+ Brand Positioning
+ Brand Audit
+ Competitive Analysis
+ Customer Profiles
Messaging & Tagline
+ Brand Attributes
+ Naming
Identity Design
The identity is designed to share your brand, and tell your story. In every website, social media channel, brochure and package your customers see, there's a valuable opportunity to communicate your message to them, build their trust, and win them over as loyal customers. But to do that successfully, it's important that every customer touch point be consistently high quality and on-brand. 
+ Logo Development
+ Color Palette
+ Typography
+ Website Design
+ Packaging
Brochure Design
+ Magazine/Book
Project Cost
Prices vary from project to project. If you're interested in an estimate, contact me, and I'll provide you with a quote based on your specific needs.
I'm a brand strategist and identity designer. I specialize in creating memorable brands and connecting them with their ideal customers.
I also travel the world while I work. It teaches me about our beautiful world  and how to connect with people.
Da Nang, Vietnam
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