Logo Design  //  Web Design

SeeRareRun is a virtual race -non profit organization- focused on raising money and bringing awareness to the rare disease community. The identity needed to communicate to medical professionals (the target audience for the virtual race), while also conveying the running aspect of the organization. For this project, I created a logo, color palette, and a one page scrolling website. The goal of the site is to get users to sign up for the race, or to donate without running. 



Logo Design  //  Tagline  //  Landing Page

At the beginning of this project, we were having trouble defining what exactly makes Tush&Bush different. We knew they offered something unique, but defining it wasn’t so simple. We figured out that T&B offers sexy AND sustainable underwear, a combination that isn’t easy for consumers to find. We leveraged fashion and sustainability to appeal to ladies who care about the environment, but still want to feel sexy in their undergarments. 


Western Pacific Insurance 

Logo Design  //  Print  //  Landing Page

We defined and focused this brand to target the millennial demographic. Millennials are now starting families, buying homes and cars, and will be buying insurance to protect their investments. From the identity and messaging, to the specific services offered, WPI has carved out a new space within their niche, making themselves more competitive in the insurance market. 

Koi Sake 

Logo Design  //  Packaging   //  Identity

This package was designed specifically for food and drink connoisseurs -people who value authentic ethnic experiences when dining out. The black and red ink marks on the package mimic traditional Japanese calligraphy, and they bring an authenticity to the drinking experience, as if they were really in Japan. The Japanese characters on the package read “Drunken Life, Dreamy Death”, a Japanese proverb about drink. 


CreateReal Wealth 

Logo Design

This logo design was created for a startup media channel focused on providing knowledge and thought provoking content. The logo needed to appeal to everyone from young entrepreneurs to stay at home moms, while communicating a sense of growth, balance, knowledge, and self actualization. I created a logo that’s appropriate for a media channel, appeals to many audience segments, and is usable in a variety of customer touch points. 

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